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Frequently asked questions

You can purchase the application for your mobile device from the Apple AppStore and for Android devices from the Google Play Store. For Windows and macOS computers you can use our download page: https://www.breakpro.fi/en/download.

Android and iOS: The mobile version is provided as a free add-on service to our corporate customers. You can begin using the application by downloading it from the App Store or the Google Play Store using the search terms “breakpro” or “break pro”. Sign in to the application with your work email and enter the activation code received by email to the open field. The application is available to you for as long as your workplace has a valid BREAK PRO license.

The use of the application begins with a free 14-day evaluation period. Starting the evaluation period does not obligate you to anything. You are only asked for your email address, to which the activation code enabling access to the application is sent. The activation code is entered to the same field that you previously used to enter your email address.

After the free evaluation period start using the application. See the price in the App Store or Google Play. You are allowed to install the application on a maximum of five devices that are in your personal use.

The purchase is made in the Apple or Android mobile app store. After the purchase, you can use the program on your Windows and macOS computers.

Please note that you will sign in to the program using same email address on all your devices.

Your subscription is renewed automatically each year. You can cancel your subscription at any time during the payment period, in which case the subscription will not be renewed at the end of the period and you will have access to the application until the current period ends.

You can cancel your subscription in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, depending on which channel you used to subscribe to the application. When cancelling the subscription, the license will be terminated on all your devices.

The application is not available on Windows Phone. The application works on Android or iOS smart phones and tablets. Minimum requirement is Android version 7.0 or iOS version 11.0.

The application is also available for the Windows operating system versions 7, 8.1, 10 and macOS Mojave 10.14->

Make sure you typed your email address correctly. If necessary, press “Back” and re-enter your email address.

Check your spam folder for the message. If you find the message, transfer it to your Inbox.

If necessary, add the e-mail address “info@breakpro.fi” to the Authorized Senders.
Contact us at info@breakpro.fi. We will be happy to help you. info@breakpro.fi.

Android and iOS: During the installation, the BREAK PRO application asks for your permission to send notifications. To let the application remind you to exercise, please ”allow all the notifications”. Notification settings can be controlled in the device settings and can be changed later according to your preferences. After allowing notifications, please restart your device.

Android and iOS: If you reject the notification 64 times without launching a single Break Exercise, the application will not remind you of the Break Exercise until you click the E app icon on the phone, after which the notifications will be reactivated.

Android, iOS, Windows and macOS: If you have disabled the Timing function as ”Timing off” in the Settings page of the application, the timing will not work. You can enable them again by clicking the E app icon on your phone/desktop and opening the Settings page where you can specify the intervals or times.

Windows: If you have several applications open at the same time, the reminder popup may not appear on top of the other windows. Thus, the reminder may be lost behind other applications. The notification will however appear a few times at the bottom right corner before disappearing. In addition, the E icon will flash. On Windows 10, you will also hear a sound in connection to the popup. The reminder will be significantly easier to notice if you maximize the application window to cove ”full screen”. You can adjust the size of the window by dragging the edges or clicking the maximize button at the top.

According to current recommendations, you should take several short exercise breaks over the course of the day. During static work, our metabolism and circulation decrease. The negative impact of a static working position on our body can be observed after just 20 minutes. It is recommended to punctuate your work with short exercise breaks every 30 minutes. This also increases the circulation in your brain and improves your alertness and efficiency. Do note however that engaging in exercise every 45–90 minutes also has significant health benefits compared to doing nothing.

Android and iOS: Android and iOS: BREAK PRO is closed by using the standard buttons of the device. For example, on iOS you can use the home button to switch applications directly, in which case the application keeps running in the background with the break exercise notifications active. If the application is not closed completely, it will open more quickly the next time. If you want to close the application completely on iOS, you can double click the home button, swipe left or right to find the BREAK PRO app and close it by swiping the preview screen up.

Windows: The application is closed by clicking the close button at the top right corner of the application window.

Downloading the videos is dependent on network speed; with a fast connection you can download the videos in a few seconds. Please note however that the video is only downloaded to your device on first viewing. After this, there will be no delay as the video is played back from your device.

We are happy to accept feedback regarding the application and to answer any questions you may have at info@breakpro.fi.